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Default The Point Forward - "bonus and bust so far"

RM: Both fine — if depressing — choices, but I’ve got two more to consider. The first is Toronto’s Andrea Bargnani, who is creating legitimate doubt about his ability to be even a complementary piece in a winning offense. Bargnani is a talented scorer, but he never seems to have his game fully aligned with the Raptors’ offensive goals. He oversteps his bounds, forces shots and generally lives in his own world. When at his best, Bargnani is still operating in an entirely different framework from the rest of his team. His divergence in approach may share some minor goals with the Raptors overall, but ultimately Toronto has little use for a player who oscillates between overshooting and bouts of being gun-shy, with only a void in between. The balance and efficiency that boosted Bargnani’s game early last season has gone up in smoke, as the one-time franchise centerpiece allows his career to slowly burn away.


Nothing new here but the press is picking up on sentiment.
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