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Default Re: Kaepernick to start Sunday against Saints

Originally Posted by knickballer
It's a shame because Smith has been playing great football this year. He has everything to back it up too, stats and wins. Also, don't forgot he was playing with a injured throwing finger during a stretch in the season which hurt his play for a while.

Kaepernick is a good QB with a good skillet but he doesn't deserve to start.. There's no justification in starting Kaepernick. Let's compare to this with the HC situation. Let's say if Harbough get's sick for two weeks and the replacement HC wins two straight games, does he deserve to become the full time HC? I know it's two different situations but the comparison can be made.

Depends. Do they look like an infinitely better team with the new coach as opposed to Harbough? If so, then yes he does deserve to lose his job.
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