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Default Re: Kaepernick to start Sunday against Saints

Originally Posted by Jackass18
How do they look infinitely better with Kaep? I wasn't overly impressed with his last game. He was rolling out and throwing to completely wide open receivers, and he threw what could have been a rather costly interception if Brooks didn't bail his ass out.

Kaep did play well but they didn't look better. You are also right about getting bailed out by the defense who shut down Brees and scored two defensive TD's.

Thing is Smith doesn't have the "swag"(what I look to call it) as Kaepernick. Smith has been basically marketed and labeled as a game manager by most people while Kaepernick is viewed as the athletic QB who's dynamic. It's absurd that people are still calling Smith a game manager, just look at his stats. He's playing like a top 5 QB if anything.

Usually NFL defenses find ways to neutralize backup QB's after more tape on them are available, especially the athletic QB's. But fortunately for us we have Harbough who'll put Kaepernick in a position to win.
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