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Default Re: Kaepernick to start Sunday against Saints

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
There are QBs now that throw for 300 yards per game. Smith can't even get 200 yards a game. That's pathetic. Harbough realizes this, which is why they went for Peyton, and why he is making the QB change. All the receivers want Kaepernick. Vernon Davis was ready to give him a blow job at the podium after the game.

LOL, Vernon Davis didn't even record a catch verse NO, he's not exactly getting fed the rock. Him and Smith were one of the best QB/TE duo's in the league even and they even had a good chemistry when the Niners were garbage.. The same goes for Crabtree but except Crabtree is a douche who probably wanted the change but now is going to only average 30y/pg.

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