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Default Re: Ricky Rubio not as bad in Euroleague as you have been lead to believe

Originally Posted by Qwertyazerty
First of all, are you aware the united league is an international league?
Secondly, at that time (2009-2010) ACB was considered as the 2nd best national league in the world. Still now it is considered and only you will consider Euroleague or United league as being NATIONAL.

If they choose to make a mediterranean league with Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Greece... it will piss all over the united league. It is due to the poor competition they had in the eastern and northen national leagues that they choose to create an international league.

The United League is the national domestic league of Russia. United League games between Russian teams are what are used to count as Russian League games.

United League games are what are used to determine the league rankings by Euroleague for Russia. Euroleague officially recognized United League as Russia's domestic league. It's like what used to be USSR League basically.

So yes, United League is considered a domestic league for Russian clubs. And if you just look at Russian clubs, they are better on average than Spanish clubs are. So Euroleague, not only "me" considers United League to be a national league. Also, again, just the Russian clubs are better than the Spanish clubs on average.

So if you claim only United League games that occur between Russian clubs, it is still a better league competition than the Spanish League is.

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