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Default Re: Ricky Rubio not as bad in Euroleague as you have been lead to believe

Originally Posted by chains5000
The word should have been "disappointment", didn't live up to the hype while playing for Barcelona. He was far from a scrub though.

And IMO, the ACB League was the best European back then. Not so sure now that the money is in Russia or Turkey.

Spanish League is still way better than Turkish League. But it's definitely not as good as Russia's teams anymore on average.

The big difference is that the Russia system does not have a whole bunch of scrub teams. ACB was wanting to eliminate 4 teams, because there are way too many bad teams in it now. They should have done that, but unfortunately the smaller clubs rejected it. They should still do it.

Italy's league has too many teams also, and so does Turkey's league.

Greece has just 14, and really I think they should go to about 12. Russia has just 10. There should be less clubs definitely than 18 in ACB. If it had just 14, like Barca asked for, then it would eliminate a lot of scrub teams.

I also think the no relegation is helping the Russian clubs. The other leagues can't follow that, but maybe they should only relegate one club, instead of 2. I know Greek League really needs to only relegate one team, because they are bankrupting clubs with the current system.

Russia's system of having just 10 teams, using United League games to count as their domestic League, and not relegating the clubs is working like a charm for them. Of course, the $200 million sponsorship that Prokhorov gave the league did not hurt either.

Yes, Spanish League was the best domestic league a couple years ago, but gabepizza and some others are saying it is the best now, and it isn't. I would still put it 2nd though.

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