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Default Re: Ricky Rubio not as bad in Euroleague as you have been lead to believe

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Rubio was absolute trash in Euroleague.

This whole post is about exposing that lie.

Here again I have posted the link for the world to see. This is the stats of Barca when they were Euroleague champs. As the link shows Rubio not only was a major contributor (4th on the team in mpg) and starting pg for the Euroleague champions. He also lead the EUROLEAGUE CHAMPIONS in ASSISTS and STEALS.

This has caught you in a lie. You repeat the lie Rubio was trash but now it has been shown that he led a Euroleague championship team in steals and assists. So now it has also been shown that you are a liar. How many other things about Euroleague do you lie about?

I see where your twisted mind comes from. Yes Rubio might have been over rated in Euroleague. As many NBA fans might not have known he was not one of the top guards in Euroleague or even on his own team for that matter. But for you to turn around and go to the extreme in the other direction, claiming he was trash and one of the worst players ever when he was the starting point guard and major contributor of a Euroleague champion at 19!

I could go on and on with your lies. Josh Childress is another example. Yes he did not dominate Euroleague and NBA fans who are misinformed should be corrected. But you calling him absolute trash when he was selected to All-Euroleague second team (meaning the 2nd best in his position) and got his team to the final game and even in that loss led his team in scoring in rebounds, means he was not trash.

So 99% of this site know you are a troll. I just think it is cool that now with this link I have given it has been proven without a doubt that you are a liar. And if you would lie about Rubio being trash no one can really trust anything you say...troll.
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