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Default Re: Kaepernick to start Sunday against Saints

Originally Posted by raid09
Akers missed two easy FGs (the **** is that guy doing anyway?). There was a blown call calling Crabtree down, when he clearly wasn't, that could have gone the distance or at least moved them into FG range. There was an absolutely terrible drop by VD that killed a drive moving into Saints territory. There were some huge plays called back for holding, which normally would be fine, except the Saints were getting away with holding all night.

But but but, Kaep only scored 17 points. Sorry, I think that's a cop out. It's also important to note that Harbaugh shut Kaep down in favor of the run game late in the 3rd/4th. I'm not saying he had a "tremendous" game, but he had a very solid one.

He's been hurt.
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