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Default Re: Ricky Rubio not as bad in Euroleague as you have been lead to believe

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Rubio averaged 2.3 air balls per game his last season in Euroleague. He shot so many air balls, that it was actually a stat that people kept. You are simply totally full of shit if you say Rubio was not playing like total ass for the most part when he was with Barca.

Let me put it this way........Nick Calathes pretty much sucked in Euroleague and he was pretty much a cancer to the whole offensive system of Panathinaikos. With that being said, he was even much better than Rubio was.

I basically thought of Calathes as a scrub in Euroleague that played a good to great game about 3 times in a season. And even he was basically dominating the hell out of Rubio whenever they played each other.

The same guy that I was happy to see finally get the hell off of Panathinaikos. Roko Ukic replaced Calathes and I was even happy at that, considering it quite an upgrade. And I don't think Ukic is all that good.......

Ukic, a guy I don't really think is that good, is like a HOF level player in Euroleague compared to what Rubio was.

People saying differently are lying pieces of shit that have never seen Rubio play even one Euroleague game.

Rubio wasn't all bad in Euroleague. He was great at defense, and he was definitely a good passer and ball handler. But his scoring and shooting was literally THE WORST I HAVE EVER SEEN IN EUROLEAGUE.

Ricky Rubio in Euroleague was like a poor man's poor man's Pablo Prigioni. The fans of Barca were jumping for joy when they finally got rid of him. His coach at Barca was so sick of him he could not wait to get rid of him.

Spanish media was criticizing his play all over the place.

Yet, we are supposed to believe from the minds of some pathological liars that have never even seen him play in Euroleague, that he was this great player and led his team to a Euroleague championship.

Get a life.
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