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Default Re: Kaepernick to start Sunday against Saints

Originally Posted by jazz873
Basically what i am saying is 49ers fans are making it seem like they would rather see Kaepernick fail and lose games than see the 49ers win

No one wants Kaepernick to fail. I want to see Kaepernick play great(this is coming from a Smith fan) but the logic people are using for the justification of Kaepernick starting is illogical imo.

1)Everyone is saying Kaepernick gives the niners the best chance to win but the Niners have been 21-6 with Smith these past two years.. Why **** with chemistry? People also forget that Kaepernick was the reason we didn't win against St.Louis
2) Everyone is saying that Kaepernick is more dynamic and gives the niners that big play advantage but Smith himself is athletic and always makes plays with his feet, hell he got concussed by attempting to run for the 1st down. Some of the "analysts" are acting like Smith is Drew Bledsoe in the pocket. Not to mention Smith has been pretty dynamic this year going by his stats..
3)Everyone is saying that Kaepernick gives NFL defenses more things to prepare for but we've been using Kaep all year in the wildcat. In the long run NFL defenses will find ways to contain Kaep. The NFL is ruthless once it finds game tapes on uncharted players.
4) What kind of message does it send to the team? I know best player plays and all but what if a player like Vernon Davis get's hurt or a player like Goldson get's hurt? What if their backup puts up some good performances?
5) The timing is awful. We are a team with SB aspirations.. It's a different situation if lets say we are around 500 but with SB aspirations you never go for the young athletic QB over the veteran.

It's going to bite us in the ass in the playoffs.
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