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Default Re: Ricky Rubio not as bad in Euroleague as you have been lead to believe

Originally Posted by Euroleague
That's freaking hilarious, because all you said here on this forum for months was that Rubio had horrible scrub teammates on Barca that were so pathetic they could not ever finish any of his passes. That no one on his team could ever make an open jump shot or dunk the ball. That was your excuse for why he didn't not have that great of assist numbers in Euroleague.

Now all of a sudden it's how great and loaded that team was, which is your excuse for why he was about the 10th man in importance on that team.

You hypocritical pricks really are too much.

Again I'm not discussing his last year when he digressed, I'm discussing the year he won a champion. Again with your lies. 10th man in importance. He led the team in steals and assists, was 4th in mgp and 6th in ppg! Yes in actual points which is his weakness he was 6th. He was even 6th in rebounds for Christ's sake. So every single team stat (except blocks I guess) he was in the top 6 and he was #1 in assists and steals yet he was about the 10th man of importance? That fact has been proven wrong. At worst he was the 6th man in importance and probably like the 4th or the 5th and this was on a Euroleague champion. Stop with your lies. The fact of the team stats show how much you are a liar.
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