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Default Re: Dennis Rodman on the 2nd three-peat Bulls was so overrated

If Dennis Rodman of the 2nd three-peat Bulls was playing in the NBA right now today he'd be the best defensive player in the League, he'd be winning the NBA rebounding titles, and if he was on any kind of contender he'd be headed at least to the Conference Finals. Rodman had indescribable impact.

His defense was otherworldly at times. He ain't the best rebounder of all time like a lot of people claim, but he is right up there at the top.

This thread is just wrong on every level. The idea that Pau Gasol has more impact on a team than Dennis Rodman is nutty. Rodman just ate opposing teams at times. Using stats to talk about Dennis Rodman is like using stats to talk about Bill Russell or Robert Parish.
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