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Default Re: Dennis Rodman on the 2nd three-peat Bulls was so overrated

Originally Posted by Apocalyptic0n3
Except you forgot to mention that Rodman is the all time greatest in something that cannot be measured by stats: on-ball defense. That 2nd 3-peat happened, in large part, due to how well Rodman could lock down ANY player on the floor. Anyone from the bigger centers to Stockton and Malone to younger guys like Hill (hard to call him "younger" considering how old he is now...). He could guard all five positions better than anyone in the league.

He sure as f*ck didn't lock down any of the bigs he faced during their title runs.

He did a respectable job on them, but nowhere near LOCK down.

He did do a great job in throwing them off their game with his mental games tho.
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