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Default Re: Adele's album 21 is now DIAMOND!!!

Originally Posted by DMV2
Is it the touring that separates the difference between fan support and loyalty of hip-hop/r&b fans and rock and country fans?

Or is hip-hop all about what's fresh and new, the next big thing? so fans are least likely to be invested on an artist.

Country and rock artists can tour for a whole year or two and come back 3 years later with a new album and they'd still have fans flocking to buy their albums or see their concert.
I don't think it's touring, hip-hop/R&B just don't support their artist.

Sorry to go somewhat off topic but:
How does MC Hammer sell so many records one year, that can't get make the Billboard 100 a few years later.

How was Ja Rule the biggest selling hip hop artist for one year and 2 years later, can't go plastic?

Rock Artist who have been around since the 70 and 80s can continue to get high charting albums. And I'm not even talking about the Rolling Stones. Like 2nd and 3rd tier acts do decent on the charts. Depeche Mode charted top 5 on the Billboard charts a few years back.

Yet if Kool & The Gang released an album, no one would give a fck.

It happened last year, Morris Day and the TIME released an album after over 20 years. It charted I think 58 the first week and it was out the Billboard 100 by the 3rd week.
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