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Default Re: Adele's album 21 is now DIAMOND!!!

Originally Posted by beer
thought provoking. we have a truly erudite poster on this forum.

one who can think as clearly as you must answer me this. why does my wife, who is black, love adele and owns her cd. i'm also not white and i like her music. what is it about her melanin content that draws us to her?

Who said you have to be white to like her music? This is the case in pop culture, most things aren't cool (in the mainstream) until white people do it. Its the same recipe that has been going on for a while now, white women who sound like soulful black women, and they call it refreshing

I'm not shocked about her success, that is pretty much the deal in this country. You have to let white people bandwagon your culture before they accept it.

I'm not even intending to hate her success, good for her, i just don't understand the surprise. White people always go wild for other culture's when that culture is delivered in a white representation. Jesus, Rock n Roll, Eminem.

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