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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'GENERAL' Discussion

Team up is fun, tho.

Was just in a great Lakers-Nets game. Had Joe Johnson. Ended up being 3v4 after one guy left.

Good shot makers and relatively unselfish passing in the human players for both sides.

Anyway tie game with about a 4 second shot clock difference. My PG throws something up with 6 seconds left on the clock, misses, and I get the putback dunk to put us up 2. Then they hit Gasol for a wide open J at the buzzer to send it to OT.

We were taking it over in OT (8 straight unanswered) and then I got kicked out because my internet has been spiking all night Did have 16/8/7 before it kicked me. I know my PG had around 20/6 and the other human guy playing Lopez had roughly 20/10.

Team up is great if players stop ball hogging, people move off the ball and stop following it, and if positions are played to the actual position. Like not put a guard at center... Probably my favorite mode when you end up on a good team.

Had a game last night that ended up dream team vs team usa. 4v5 the entire game (no one quit), and since every position on the floor could handle the ball, we just kept pushing it to whoever was closest and making quick passes. We blew out the opponent, who had a ball hog, by 45. Was probably the most enjoyable game I played overall in any mode.

That's another thing. I hate when PG only try to make the assist. Move the ball around, man.
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