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Default Re: David Stern: Sanctions coming

Originally Posted by IamRAMBO24
Resting against the Heat and you call that brilliant?

The smart move would be to throw everything he got at the Heat to PROVE his team has what it takes. You don't cave in to the world champion like that. That's like Marquez calling up Manny and telling him he can't get in the ring because he was out partying late the night before.

If they were true competitors, then every game with the Heat will be treated like a playoff game because that is the team they will need to go through if they ever want another ring.

You don't focus on the ringless Grizzlies or even the La Lakers, Pop should know by now he needs to get past the Heat if he ever wants to win another championship.

Win or lose. He should of competed. This is a new Heat team with a new set of arsenals his starters needed to compete with in order to learn and evolve before the playoffs roll around.

You must not have watched Pop coach his way to any of his four championships.

You also don't get that the team he rests them against is meaningless. It's the end of an insanely difficult stretch of games. Your analogy doesn't make sense. lol Pop has done this a ton.
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