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Default Re: Team A vs Team B

Team B no doubt.

1.Tim Duncan & Malone still would score on Wallace & Garnett at offense. At defense, Wallace is a liability, Garnett isn't a great scoring option. Also Tim Duncan is one of the best defenders ever and Malone was great defender as well.

2.Payton & Dumars still couldn't guard Iverson even they are great defenders. Too much speed difference for both of them.He was very good at coming off screens as well in Larry Brown's Sixers. Nash would find him easily.

3. Pippen vs Kevin Durant. Pippen is great defender but Durant would still score more and efficient compared to Pippen on offense vs Durant.

4. Steve Nash. Team A doesn't have great playmaker. Also Nash & Malone pick and roll would be deadly.

5. Team B would be great both open court & half court. Malone & Duncan two of best running big men. Iverson is ultimate open court guy. Nash is ultimate playmaker for such system.

Team A doesn't even have one guy who might carry them offensively. Kevin Garnett is their best scorer and he wasn't that much scorer compare to other all time greats. Change Ben Wallace with Shaq or Hakeem so they can have a chance.
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