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Default Re: Assassin's creed 3

Originally Posted by nightprowler10
I thought I would enjoy Revelations a lot more than I did because it was set in Istanbul, but I was pretty disappointed with the game. I found the ending to be very satisfying though, if that helps.

Yeah I didn't even know half of what you're talking about. I guess I should pay more attention to Connor's logbook! And what the hell are you supposed to do with the recipes you unlock?

Anyway, I finished the Captain Kidd stuff last night and am now working to finish all of the Homestead missions. I'm sure I'm up to 65% now. I really the idea of building your own little community in the homestead.

The recipes are a little disappointing to me. I liked the idea at first, but a lot of them just don't lead anywhere. The inventions wind up in your house on the homestead, and get a little tidbit written about them. There are a few weapons that you can make and then use. And there are some menial items that you need to make for some of the delivery missions. A lot of the other items are pieces that you need to eventually get to the item you need for the delivery missions. Like the alcohol and medicines for example, you can't make those without barrells apparently, or glass jars, or other items like that, so you have to sort of piece your way through them backwards.

The thing I really don't get yet is the caravan stuff. I suppose I'm supposed to send out a caravan and then protect it? But I really don't know.
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