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Default Re: I hate George Karl

Originally Posted by niko
No kidding, how giddy was he that Melo was gone and he has a starless team? Never mind that they weren't going to do anything

Besides '09 last year beat anything Melo ever did in his entire career here. Just for the record. Nuggets forced a game 7. Besides the WCF run I think there was on series we pushed to 6? Usually out in 4\5 tho. Similar to what the Knicks have done actually. No doubt he loved this team post Melo, think it's more because without Melo you're pretty much free to do whatever you want. It's worked so far but Karl starting to look pretty bad.

Right 100% about the ego thing. You know Denver misses most about Melo? We not longer have a guy that's "bigger" than Karl in that sense. Last night if we had Melo Karl wouldn't have made that stupid play or tried to overcoach. He would have kicked it into Melo and let him do his thing. Instead we get some bullshit play call.

George Karl needs to make his mark on the game. Weather it be a rotation, not calling a TO and letting them play, drawing up a unique play etc. Turning some average player into a key piece of the team.
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