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Default Re: I hate George Karl

Originally Posted by niko
I didn't say you were worse off Melo is gone. I said Karl is glad Melo is gone because he's the star now. He is. He's always had issues with his stars.

You always tell me what was bad when Melo was there. Am i missing the incredible success you are having without him?

Read what you wrote champ. He was happy Melo was gone never mind they weren't going to do anything? Maybe I misunderstood but that seems like a shot at the Denver Nuggets. Figured I'd point out that they've done as much as 90% of their past. That's all.

I don't always tell you anything. I simply pointed out that Karl being happy even tho Denver Nuggets weren't going to do anything is moot because were matching what we did with a superstar already. Get it? Cause you pointed out he was happy without Melo, which he was even tho they weren't going to do anything? <-- that's the false.
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