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Default Re: I hate George Karl

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
Read what you wrote champ. He was happy Melo was gone never mind they weren't going to do anything? Maybe I misunderstood but that seems like a shot at the Denver Nuggets. Figured I'd point out that they've done as much as 90% of their past. That's all.

I don't always tell you anything. I simply pointed out that Karl being happy even tho Denver Nuggets weren't going to do anything is moot because were matching what we did with a superstar already. Get it? Cause you pointed out he was happy without Melo, which he was even tho they weren't going to do anything? <-- that's the false.
Badly written. Let me reprhase. I don't think Karl cares if the team got better or worse when Melo left. I don't think he is happy because he thinks they got better. I think he is happy because HE is the star. Better or worse, i don't think it matters. He is the star, he can treat all the players like interchangable pieces. I think he likes that more than say Gallo becoming a superstar and being the face of the franchise and not Karl.
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