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Default Re: I hate George Karl

Originally Posted by niko
Badly written. Let me reprhase. I don't think Karl cares if the team got better or worse when Melo left. I don't think he is happy because he thinks they got better. I think he is happy because HE is the star. Better or worse, i don't think it matters. He is the star, he can treat all the players like interchangable pieces. I think he likes that more than say Gallo becoming a superstar and being the face of the franchise and not Karl.

See I can agree with that. He deff has a huge ego. That ego believes he's capable of winning a ring tho. When Melo left? He probably thought he could lead this team to a ring. Right now? He think can do it. All I'm saying. Karl wasn't happy Melo left for that reason alone, he thought they could be successful doing it.

If that makes any sense.
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