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Default Re: James Harden is better than Carmelo Anthony

Harden was a complete non factor in the Thunder game and after being forced to pass out of the double made no attempt to cut or get open for a catch a shoot.

I didn't even notice he was on the floor for most of the second half.

You never forget Melo is on the floor.

Melo is going to score no matter what you do. He is as multi-faceted an offensive player there is in the league and even when he has a poor shooting night can post up with quick spins and draw fouls or score all night long even on offensive putbacks on his misses.

Harden may be a better playmaker but he isn't the scoring machine people may think. At least not yet.

Melo's scoring impact on a nightly basis outweighs Harden's at this point of his career.
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