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Default Teletovic : Best or Bust?

I was wondering what type of player he is so i checked out Nets game tonight. He literally chucked any time he got the ball even without thinking passing it. No hesitation at all. Almost like a sabotage.

So I did some little researched in some forums what people was thinking about him before joining Nets...

Generally they say he is the most selfish player they have ever seen and try to shoot whenever he gets ball in his hands. He has great range but inconsistent. Some games he shoot good and become hero other days he is chucking and killing the team. He doesn't even think pass the ball, let alone assists. No rebound etc. (Of course there are some Teletovic fans as well and praise his crazy range etc. and saying he is the best)

He looks like retarded and crippled same time on court. I know it sounds harsh but that's probably the truth. I don't think he'll stay in NBA so long.4 minutes was enough for me wonder wtf is wrong with this guy I think he is a bust and he'll go back to Europe in a year or two. Maybe not even that much.

What worse Nets verbally agreed 15.6 million dollars for 3 years but fortunately (!) they signed with him 9 ****ing million dollars !!!...

Note : His career assits average in Europe: 0.7 in 27 minutes per game.

I think Europe fooled Nets organization big time.
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