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Default Re: Do Celtics Fans Still Think Terry>>>Allen

Originally Posted by nbarumorz
You are spending too much time worrying about their release It's important obviously, but it's not like that the THE factor that determines which is better. When you look @ Ray's #'s w/ Boston last year and compare them to JT's #'s w/ Boston this year they are nearly identical

I am trying to differentiate between the players, and having a high release point is big advantage in the clutch, combined with good off the ball movement makes Ray a better clutch player and a better fit.

I've looks at their stat's this year, and Allen's are slightly better, but Terry are good this year.

People are arguing that Terry would be doing the same job as Ray in Miami, but I disagree, not on the basis his stats are superior, but based on the fact, his release point and off the ball movement is better, which makes the combination of him and Lebron a difficult match up.

It's these slight variations which makes him a better fit in Miami.

Who would you prefer in the clutch ? Lebron and Terry , or Lebron and Ray.

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