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Default Re: If the heat want to repeat

Originally Posted by miggyme1
They need to trade shane battier,mike miller and joel anthony for josh smith!

Heat would sweep everybody in the playoffs.check out the starting five

Josh smith
Chris bosh

Tell me thats not a title contender!

And dont give me that oh josh smith a bum speech

We all know once u join forces with lebron u become great

Can u imagine lebron ans his poor mans carbon copy ( josh smith) chasing down fastbreaks for blocks?

Full court alley oops

Best defense in the history of defensive teams. ( i might be exagerrating)

Seriously tho how would u stop that?

Keep in mind u still got ray allen and rashard off the bench

Look im not a heat fan but that trade would kill any team in the east.and the only team that could give them problems in the finals would be the grizzlies.

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