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Default Re: Do Celtics Fans Still Think Terry>>>Allen

Originally Posted by SilkkTheShocker
Not sure how im trolling. Nor have I hated on Terry at all. Guy is a great player. But im not seeing how he is an upgrade over Allen. Nor am I saying Terry is a downgrade this early in the season. But I think we can say Boston fans underestimated how much Allen had left in the tank.

No. You can't say that. You started off this post wondering how you are trolling then you basically claim it's a universal statement that Boston fans mis-evaluated Ray and were wrong.

BOS offered 2x the deal MIA offered him. Doc made a personal plea for Ray. BOS fans, a vast majority, really wanted Ray to return. You have provided no evidence of Boston fans underestimating Ray -- we all knew that he would do really well in MIA which is why we didn't want him to go there.
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