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Default Re: David Stern: Sanctions coming

Originally Posted by Clifton
I don't see the problem for fans.

Who watches the Spurs for the individual players? You watch the Spurs for the Spurs. For Gregg Popovich and whatever well-coached nobodies-in-particular he trots out. (Even when some of those nobodies are all-stars.)

As we all saw last night.

The thing is the players prob wanted to play. This is all on Pop and his stupid grudge against Stern. Sure they had a tough schedule leading up to the Heat game; sure the Heat had it easy, but other teams have had tough schedules like that before but they never decided to take off for vacation when the going gets tough.

Guys like Jordan and Kobe play with the freakin' flu and these old nut jobs are complaining about being tired?

I have lost a lot of respect for this team: they have what it takes to be the best team in the league, but something is not there. That fire.

I think this is just Pop going at it with Stern; he knew he was going to piss him off, but all he did was screw the fans, the players, and himself (after penalties).
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