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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
What is your interpretation of "dead and buried" for the ACC?

The conference is "dead and buried" in my mind if ANY current member leaves for another conference. If the rumor about GT and UVA is true, there is no way the ACC, as we know it, goes on without UVA.

Part of me opens to the SEC idea because, imo, North Carolina is a sleeping football giant. Look what Mack Brown accomplished before North Carolina was stupid in dealing with his contract. Look what Butch Davis could bring in with regards to recruiting. Up to this point, Fedora can actually recruit and coach.

Then in basketball you have two, maybe three if Duke comes along, blue bloods in one conference. In the past 7 seasons, no program has been more successful than North Carolina. And UK is undoubtedly on top of the college basketball world right now. Most all time rankings have both programs 1-3, if not the top two.

Not the mention the baseball in the SEC is worlds better.

However, if I know the university and the government in the state, the move will be to the Big Ten. For your reasons and anything else which the Big Ten has the upper hand academically over the SEC. Which is a lot.

I don't have a personal preference other than to leave the ACC. My personal preference is to take along UVA. Then Duke. Then VPI.
While the possibility of UNC and Kentucky in the same conference (basketball wise) is fun to think about, the bold is what really sticks out to me. UNC has one of the top 5ish baseball programs in the country, and you'd be adding them to a conference that's already sending 8 or so teams a year to the NCAA tournament. The SEC just added A&M and they're pretty good at baseball, too.

So on top of the regular 8ish Super Regional/CWS threats: South Carolina, Florida, LSU, Vandy, Arkansas, Alabama, OM, Mississippi State, and Kentucky, you're throwing in A&M and UNC.
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