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Default Re: The Walking Dead (television only) thread

Originally Posted by andgar923
Why don't they wear protective gear?

I think I've seen maybe a small piece of protective gear on one person during the entire show.

They walk around bare for all zombies to bite on.

Now… I'm not saying they should be on some Dark Knight shit, just some simple shit to protect them. Howabout some football helmets? they can raid a high school for those, don't even need shoulder pads, just helmets for when they go into sections that are possibly dangerous. They don't have to sleep with them and shit either.

During season 1 Rick realized that the 'walkers' didn't notice them when they were covered in their blood. So why not wear a something that has their blood on it and take it off later on?

I understand it'll be awkward to walk around with something protecting their necks and shit, but why not something for their forearms? almost anything is better than a bare forearm don't ya'll think?

I'm sure there's something metallic they can use, something made out of hard plastic, anything!!! At the very least, some thick bracelet like protection that covers their forearm made out of layers of leather. I'm sure it can aid them to some degree.

T Dog also had the best idea I've seen to date…. he actually had a f*ckin shield!!! Not only would he use it to protect himself, he used it as weapon a few times as well.
Limits mobility, uncomfortable, and shield means one less hand free. Recipe for disaster, and hurts as much as it may help.
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