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Default Re: The Walking Dead (television only) thread

Originally Posted by Meticode
This was brought up when they took the prison becuase they found guards with riot gear on. They basically felt that it made them less nimble to move around and they had gotten that far without it. So why put it on now.

As I mentioned, they don't need full on riot gear. They just need a helmet and something for their forearms…. that's basically it.

zombies aint gonna shoot them, so no need for the vest. They can do without leg protection (for the most part). All they'd need is forearm and head, and they'll be dramatically safer. It aint like zombies are extremely fast and versatile that a helmet will slow them down that much.

Or what about a shield? it worked for the Spartans.

And what about using zombie blood for camouflage in certain situations?
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