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Default Re: 3-13 = Axe territory

Originally Posted by keantona
I've thought this for a while and so far I've been wrong but it makes sense for Colangelo to trade Bargnani soon. Colangelo has a terrible record and there is no indication of anything improving. Virtually no-one except for some of the decision makers at MLSE thinks he should stay, and surely they're coming around. The only way he can buy himself time is to make a change so radical and huge that people can honestly believe he has learned his lesson and is going in a completely new direction, and the only change he can make that's that big is to trade the guy he's been trying to build around for years.

I'd say Colangelo feels the minute be gives up on Bargnani and tries to trade him, the owners will see it as him admitting defeat and they'll bring someone new in. Is that what would happen? I'm not so sure. Like you said, realizing something you've done wrong in the past and trying to fix it may show that he's willing to adapt, and may buy him some more time.
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