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Default Re: The Point Forward - "bonus and bust so far"

Andrea Bargnani, who is creating legitimate doubt about his ability to be even a complementary piece in a winning offense

But we don't have a "winning offense" though. Just for shits and giggles, let's say you remove Bargnani from the team altogether and plug in Carlos Boozer. Exact same team around him. Do you think we suddenly become a top 4 team in the east? I sure don't.

Now lets inject Bargs onto a winning roster. Hell, let's say he plays on the Nets in place of Brook Lopez. I think they'd be a just as good team if not better making that switch. So it's a little unfair to me to say your boy hasn't delivered when from the time Bosh left he hasn't had the talent around him to really be expected to take them somewhere.
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