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Default Re: The Point Forward - "bonus and bust so far"

The reason I don't jump into the Bargnani hate threads anymore is because it's pointless. He's on the wrong team and I would love to see him get traded to a team more suited for him where he could really be appreciated and show off his tremendous and unique skillset. I whole heartedly disagree about the Nets being much worse off and us being much better off if we swapped Lopez for Bargnani. Brook Lopez is putting up 18/7 and Bargs is putting up 17/5. But the last 2 seasons he's put up 21/5 and 19/6 so we know what he's capable of. They aren't that far off as players. Brook isn't that good of a defender or rebounder and gets a lot of undue praise. And I think you put him on our team and you'd see those limitations because they wouldn't be so well hidden playing on a starting lineup alongside Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries.
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