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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'ASSOCIATION MODE' Discussion

Almost ready to start my Pistons association
You guys should check it out Operationsports if you don't already. Great rosters, sliders and draft classes.
Waiting for Bedwardsroy19's latest roster update, as the current one does not have the announcer knowing the name of players that were'nt in the original roster (Priggie, Kyle Singler etc.).
My association will use:
Bedwardroy's rosters
Chiliad draft class
Eccentric's all star sliders
I'm too lazy to do a 30 team association, as I don't have the time to trade and draft for all 30 teams. I will edit the contracts of CP3 and Dwight Howard before I begin my association because I don't want them to leave LA to somehwere unrealistic (CP3 to Cavs, Howard to Orlando for instance)
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