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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

NBA Trade Rumors – Luol Deng to NY Knicks?
December 01, 2012 08:15 PM EST
Chicago had the best overall record in the NBA the past two seasons, but the injury to Derrick Rose has shown that this team is basically a one-man offense, and the Bulls need to make some changes.

Bleacher Report writer Jamal Collier has some interesting ideas on how Chicago can improve, and it starts with the trading of Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer.

The potential deal involves three teams and some big salaries with the Bulls sending Deng to the NY Knicks and Boozer to Charlotte. Amar'e Stoudemire and Gerald Henderson would be sent to the Bulls with New York also getting Tyrus Thomas.

With the NBA salary cap restrictions, this deal would work for all three teams. Bulls fans would welcome the Boozer move, and the Bobcats would rid themselves of a bad contract in Thomas, but all three teams would also benefit from such a trade.

Stoudemire would give Chicago a scoring threat in the paint and a decent rebounder, while New York gets a solid all-around player in Deng and some depth with the addition of Thomas. Charlotte gets a solid player in Boozer and a veteran that could help lead the young Bobcats for several more years.

With the trade deadline still weeks away, this is a solid idea, and the fact it makes each team better than they are currently makes this a deal worth looking into for all three franchises.
shitty rumor i suppose from a fan, dont see any legs to this
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