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Default Re: Unnamed KC Cheifs Player Commits Suicide at Arrowhead Stadium

Originally Posted by StateProperty
Reading all these quotes about how great of a guy he was. Had he done everything the same except killing himself, instead going to jail, then what's everyone's tone? He murdered someone. Left a 3 month old without both her parents. Selfish and cowardly. But since he's dead too we'll just speak about how great he was. Like he's the victim.

I doubt anybody disagrees that he did the most despicable, horrible thing you can do. But quotes coming from people who knew him as a good guy aren't going to change, nor do I think they're apologetic. His final terrible action doesn't change the relationship he had with people who knew him.

Had he gone to jail? Every single day we see people convicted of crimes, sent to jail, and people who knew them previously talk about "he was a quiet guy...great family man... good neighbor...never expected anything like this".

You can't ignore the cowardly act that will define his life for people that never knew him. But you can't ask people who knew him for reasons other than that final act to ignore that experience.
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