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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

finally caught up on a few movie. still a few more to check out....

7/10. good movie, well acted. the thing that really kept me from giving it a higher score was the end really. the last 30-45 minutes was bizarro world. spoilers ahead...i thought the whole drumstick sucking thing was just added for shock value imo. it made me uncomfortable that it went on for so long which i guess was the intention but it just seemed...somewhat cheap and tacky and almost a way to fill time. then the final scene just made me laugh with the copious amounts of blood. i don't think that was the intention but there you go. pretty strange ending to an otherwise really good movie.

6/10. it was a lot different than i expected. it had its moments but overall, i didn't really connect to it emotionally as much as many others seemed to. the relationship with the couple at the end was interesting but seemed somewhat forced. it was a bit of a character study but i thought too many characters were barely looked into and that hurt the overall impact. if you do that sort of movie, you have to give it time to develop. that's where this movie suffered with a 95 minute duration. i think if it were given a couple hours, it would have been so much better. still...unique movie that is probably worth checking out.

7/10 this is a documentary but i guess it fits here. sobering reality that is at times crushing. shows what happens when an entity is largely ungoverned with no real jurisdiction. not an anti-american movie as you can probably point out various types of abuse all over the just shows how systematic it has become within the military. don't know how to rate was eye opening but it definitely won't make you feel good at all.

7/10. another really unique movie. it's about a struggling writer (whose been labeled a 'one hit wonder' by many critics). he embarks on his latest creation and it inexplicably shows up in real life. some quirky lines and unexpected moments but the last 20 minutes seemed like a slight cop out to me. it just started to become really formulaic and predictable.

7/10. this is more a movie about the relationship between the two cops than it is about the criminals. michael pena was really awesome in his role and the last scene is just super dramatic (though i still wonder what took the cops so long to arrive). i also wondered why they followed a red light runner into that lobby as well even if they suspected he was carrying shit. seemed like they could have that part a bit more enticing.. entertaining but no 'classic'.

8/10. just a mysteriously engaging film. you never knew really what was going to happen. john c reilly showed some serious acting chops in this as well. then add in hall's performance? gold. the cinematography and screenplay complemented each other greatly. it has this old school feel to it which i really liked. worth a repeat viewing in my book. highly recommended.

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