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Default Re: FINISHING AT THE RIM using Athletic ability

I'm 5'10 and about 185 and at 34 I'm probably just about as athletic as I've ever been. The only downfall I see to having more weight is it seems to take a toll on my body. Hit the weights just make sure you keep working on your game after you hit the weights. I think my biggest downfall is that I spend my 20's in the weight room and didn't start playing basketball till I after I turned 30. I'm not sure if you said how old you are or not but if your fully grown I would definitely try to add some muscle. If done correctly it will make you more athletic and add to your vertical. I'm still working on using my strength in the game but it seems to be coming along.

When I was spending most of my time in the gym and weighed about 200 lb's I had no trouble jumping up and grabbing the rim. my vertical was 36" at the time. Unfortunately it has dropped a good bit since then mostly because my ankles are so torn up and lack flexibility.

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