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Default Re: Who is "YOUR" Joker?

Originally Posted by kuniva_dAMiGhTy
No Spiderman or X-Men flicks? I'm surprised.
Nope. X3 and Wolverine Origins were atrocious. X and X2 felt average at best, and focused less on the team dynamic and more on Wolverine.

Raimi's Spider-Man films have not aged well, and it's too "Sam Raimi" much like Batman Returns is too "Tim Burton" (B89 at least kept the Burton-isms in check) ... they put themselves and their quirky sensibilities in front of the character and I can't abide by that, add to the fact I can't stand Tobey McGuire and Kirsten Dunst, and they have the bulk of the screen time.

Andrew Garfield NAILED the Spider-Man personality in ASM but his Peter was all kinds of off ... and the tone of the film was too bleak, too dark, and trying way too hard to be Batman Begins.

If you take Garfield's Spider-Man, combine it with the characterization of Raimi's Peter Parker. Have some of the fun tone of Raimi's films, without the Raimi cheese factor, the colors of the first film, Emma Stone as Gwen ... you'd have the ideal Spider-Man movie. But the tone hasn't been captured right for me, yet.

Originally Posted by kuniva_dAMiGhTy
solid list though. Iron Man (the first one) was my favorite non-batman comic book film.
Iron Man / Blade / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) are my favorite non Batman superhero movies.

Superman TM could've been better if it was slightly less tongue in cheek and more serious. Iron Man is the only LEGIT Marvel Studio film, yet.

I can't stand the rest. All average at best marketing PRODUCTS. Each one is essentially a commercial for the next film, and I don't respect that ...

Avengers was a friggin comedy. And yes, it was funny at times. But I didn't have the immersion and don't buy the hype that others are giving it. They were brain washed for five years, movie after movie into liking it and wanting it.

Even if it was bad they weren't going to let themselves not like it. Loki is a terrible villain. Not intimidating in the slightest.

What's your list?

Even though it isn't an adaptation, I wanted to put Pixar's "The Incredibles" on the list, but they weren't established properties. It's more difficult to adapt something, create something new while being respectful to source material and fan base.
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