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Default Re: FINISHING AT THE RIM using Athletic ability

Some good advice here. A few lbs in the offseason won't hurt you. 4 years ago at the YMCA and open gyms I was at we played 4 days out of 7. I played against 16 - 25 years olds mainly who were fast, most of which played for their HS or intramural college. I was 30 then, 6'1 and dropped from 200 to 178. Just this small drop in weight made a big impact on my game. I had no problem scoring, but those last few games you really have to push yourself. I did notice however that getting hit in the air caused me to have to alter my shot more, due to less control from being lighter. Ya, running for 3 miles on a treadmill then playing 2-3 hours of full court ball for 200 days out of the year, 4 years straight put quite a toll on my feet, but not so much so that I can't hang in the 30 and over league. Everything is like slow motion in this league compared to the fast pace games I used to play in and this will probably hurt my game in the long run. I need to mix in a few games with the younger crowd from time to time.
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