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Default Re: NFC East Trash Talk Thread

Originally Posted by GOBB
Posterize u dbag you were there?

What's weird about it? It's 2012 not 1992. When you go to games, tailgate you meet strangers you don't know that you communicate with. What's different with meeting folks you post with on a msgboard? Folks do damn near everything online. If Marlo was in your city and said he would pay you the money he owes would you be all scared "this is weird. Like what do I say? Man this is awkward, ewwwww".
Originally Posted by ROCSteady

I know, right? U told me ur seat so I walked down in MY STADIUM at halftime to say what's up. Ended up gettin me amazing seats for whole second half down there a section over where u were. Why wouldn't I come say what's good?

We've been talkIn trash and battling it out on here for 4 years. Why would I be afraid to shake ur hand? Lmao there's a mutual respect I think, so it was cool to say what's good? if u makin the trip to our two teams matching up
don't get so offended I also said "it's kind of cool" as well...

GoBB, Marlo giving me the money he owes me wouldn't be weird because he owes me money...if ROC was paying you the $800 he owes you I wouldn't have said anything about it being weird...

but If I went to a football game to find GoBB sitting in my seat waiting for me I would think it is a little strange, sorry...

just a little

I imagine it would be strange to my friends as well I am sure..."oh that is GoBB, a guy I met on a bball forum I post at" isn't like all of my friends are meeting other guy friends on the net just because it is 2012

I'm not calling either of you out on it, so relax...I'm sure you can relate a little no?

honestly it is a bit odd just communicating with everyone here for years without knowing anyone (cept Dooms)...this whole thing is a bit strange in general, not sure how I got mixed up in ISH
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