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Default Re: NFC East Trash Talk Thread

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
don't get so offended I also said "it's kind of cool" as well...

GoBB, Marlo giving me the money he owes me wouldn't be weird because he owes me money...if ROC was paying you the $800 he owes you I wouldn't have said anything about it being weird...

but If I went to a football game to find GoBB sitting in my seat waiting for me I would think it is a little strange, sorry...

just a little

I imagine it would be strange to my friends as well I am sure..."oh that is GoBB, a guy I met on a bball forum I post at" isn't like all of my friends are meeting other guy friends on the net just because it is 2012

I'm not calling either of you out on it, so relax...I'm sure you can relate a little no?

honestly it is a bit odd just communicating with everyone here for years without knowing anyone (cept Dooms)...this whole thing is a bit strange in general, not sure how I got mixed up in ISH

We already said we would run into each other at halftime and I gave him my section/seat I was in since he said he was making his way to my area. Whats weird about it that he actually came while I was away and waited for me to get back? More funny than weird.

And yeah nothing weird about telling your friends "The guy we are meeting is someone who owes me money from an internet bet via this msgboard I frequent daily". But I guess you change whats weird to you as you go? Think about it you made a financial bet with someone you dont know. And you are holding them to it. Why make bets with someone you dont know? Nothing strange about that especially as you anticipate and hope he pays you back. He may never and guess what? You will feel some type of way on your end. Why?

I just dont find meeting people off the internet that you communicated with only in form of a messageboard or some kind of social media outlet weird. There are team msgboard sites that get together and tailgate. I'm in a Facebook group for Madden 13 and 2k13. Most are local (Philly/NJ) area and often talk about getting together for a sporting event. Only communication is either text or maybe xbox party chat.

I know you're not attacking me I'm just saying 12 years ago I'm more than likely agreeing with you. And even making jokes of the idea of people meeting up. Today? Not so much, I just dont find it weird anymore. Laregly due to the fact I've been on msgboards where admins would organized meet and greets. I've formed some actual friendships offline as a result. So my posts are just showing you why I dont see it being weird. You still do? Solid.

I just think 2012 most people wouldnt find it weird. Today reality tv dominates our entertainment and some cast members become "celebs" if you choose to call them that. Ocho Cinco is a social media whore and has had plenty of get togethers with fans, twitter/FB followers eating at a resturant. The list goes on.

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