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Default Re: Everything that is Overrated (Breaking Bad and Marvel Studios)

Meant to respond to you Money23, just can't find the thread. I'll post my top 10 here:

1/2) Begins
1/2) TDK
3) TDKR (had GOAT potential - could have gone down as one of the greatest flicks, and not just in the comic book genre; just too many plot holes)
4) Iron Man (favorite non batman comic film)
5) Spiderman 2 (just had the 'spiderman feel'; like you, I wish they casted someone else as Peter though; actually think James franco would have been better lol).
6) Blade (Amazing intro: one of if not my favorite vampire movie)
7) Batman '89 (favorite film as a child. now adays? re-watchability factor = dud; too campy and can never finish watching the thing. still a classic obviously).
8) X-Men: First Class (magnito was a boss)
9) Avengers (ok story line; special effects were unreal though)
10) The Amazing Spiderman (not really a favorite of mine, but better than the other mediocre comic films)
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