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Default Re: Everything that is Overrated (Breaking Bad and Marvel Studios)

Originally Posted by kuniva_dAMiGhTy
Meant to respond to you Money23, just can't find the thread. I'll post my top 10 here:

1/2) Begins
1/2) TDK
3) TDKR (had GOAT potential - could have gone down as one of the greatest flicks, and not just in the comic book genre; just too many plot holes)
Can't believe TDK isn't easily at the top. BEGINS is very good don't get me wrong, TDK is just flat out better top to bottom. Destroys genre cliche and ceiling. I get the fanboy protection of BEGINS who were on the Nolan Batman wagon before or during the release of BEGINS, many hopped on after the release of TDK.

With TDK we're talking about arguably the greatest cinematic showdown between protagonist and antagonist of all-time. And it plays out organically. Not forced or contrived.

You know how you have the microwave emitter in BEGINS? And the neutron bomb in RISES? Or that lame ass portal device in Avengers? That's called a deus ex machina. It's something that pushes the plot and characters forward. A plot device. TDK has an organic plot device that pushes the story and the characters forward. And it happens to be a character as iconic and engaging as the title character.

The whole movie feels natural. I get your issues with RISES. It doesn't have as many plot holes as you think. They're addressed in dialogue. The film however does carry a TON of ground, because it is a ginormous EPIC. It could've been broken down into two films, but it paints with broad strokes. Flawed, but very epic none the less

2nd best comic villain too, IMO. A grounded, more bad ass version of Darth Vader.

Originally Posted by kuniva_dAMiGhTy
Iron Man (favorite non batman comic film)
Agreed. A re-juvinated Robert Downey Jr, whose own trials and tribulations reflect that of the character. Making the film work on multiple levels. RDJ makes the character more interesting and witty, charismatic than he EVER was in the comics. Much like Wesley Sniped did w/ BLADE ... he re-invents a lame ass character and carried the entire movie on his acting chops.

It's a lazy, cliche, and corny written 3rd act away from being on par with any of the Nolan Bat films not named TDK. It makes nice social commentary on terrorism, America, and arms dealing. Most important, like Nolan's Batman and the first Blade. They take a fantastic character from the page and put him in the REAL functioning world.

Complete immersion. I was rooting for the character and his engrossing character change all through out the film. Stark is the focus of the film, and the building of the marketing product (Avengers) is an extreme back burner. It has a resolution (an innovative one at that) ... so it isn't the typical Marvel Studios drivel.

Originally Posted by kuniva_dAMiGhTy
7) Batman '89 (favorite film as a child. now adays? re-watchability factor = dud; too campy and can never finish watching the thing. still a classic obviously).
Totally agree, down to the word. The atmosphere is brilliant, as is the set design. Keaton was boss, and proved EVERYONE wrong. Nicholson is fun. But there really isn't much happening in the movie, there is tons of boring pointless scenes, and like you said tongue in cheek / campy.

Originally Posted by kuniva_dAMiGhTy
X-Men: First Class (magnito was a boss)
I enjoyed parts. But Kevin Bacon? I can't take seriously. Most of the cast beyond the actors who played Magneto and Xavier were soap opera type rejects. Plus, they used second and third string X-Men characters.

Could've been on the verge of greatness, much like the ASM had certain things been tweaked differently.

Originally Posted by kuniva_dAMiGhTy
Avengers (ok story line; special effects were unreal though)
I can't get over how much this film sucked apart from RDJ and 3rd act Hulk stealing scenes.

The plot is mind numbingly stupid. 3rd act has no sense of urgency, or drama. Makes no sense. Chick from "How I Met Your Mother" makes Katie Holme's Rachel Dawes look like she is Maryl Streep caliber.

I mean, even though TDK Rises uses a dirty nuclear bomb plot ... it feels real. It echoes real life fears post 9/11. And Nolan executes the idea in anxiety / Stanley Kubrick level fashion. I mean I knew Batman and Gotham wasn't going to die going into the film. But while watching it, I felt the intensity. I felt the urgency, I felt Gotham and Batman were threatened at multiple points. Even the fantastical things felt utterly plausible and real.

In the Avengers, we get that stupid portal machine / invasion plot ... which I had already seen last summer with Transformers 3. The CGI aliens looked down right goofy. The alien invasion barely destroys any buildings, and kills no innocent civilians, yet the government wants to launch a nuke and destroy Manhattan?

Uhhh, ok.

At least in RISES we see a city getting tortured, people dying, friggin FBI agents getting hung from bridges. It was disturbing. I can't get over how overrated the Avengers was. How contrived the whole film felt.
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