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Default Re: Everything that is Overrated (Breaking Bad and Marvel Studios)

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Iron Man 2 was good
No it wasn't. The character starts off as a regressed version of the improvement at the end of the first film. Which in itself makes no sense.

There is a redundant plot point of Stark's Arc Reactor poisoning him (the same thing the shrapnel nearing his heart does) ... thus contrived.

Stark has a ridiculous fight in an armored suit v.s. his friend. Who happens to be able to steal and use a suit without an prior experience (it took Stark a whole act to master it in the first film and he built the damn thing) ... how he uses the suit I have no idea. It was built for Tony, and can only be powered by the ARC REACTOR in his chest.

In the first film we see that Stane could only make his suit work by stealing the arc reactor from Tony's chest.

Whiplash is under used, the love story is rushed, the whole thing is cheesy and tongue in cheek. We get a pointless Scarlett Johansen character, who brings nothing to the table apart from meaningless action scene and a connection tot he Avengers.

The film was rushed into production, and the studio pushed too hard for the Avengers agenda plot point. This is why the director, and even RDJ have gone on record having stated they felt like con men when promoting it, and thought it wasn't very good.

The film is sloppy. A mess of ideas with no coherent story, other than to promote the Avengers movie. It was a cash grab, residual sequel to an actual quality film.

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Thor was rushed but still a good movie
Hardly, it was average at best. It can't even take itself seriously ... and it acknowledges this premise quite often in the film.

There is ridiculous melodrama in Asgard, and absurdity when they come to New Mexico. "The Rainbow Bridge" ... don't make me

Originally Posted by Jackass18
the Cap movie had plenty of heart.
No. It had Stanely Tucci in the first act who delivers, and at times entertaining Tommy Lee Jones, then the film nose dives from there.

With it's ridiculous CGI on skinny bobble head Rogers, painfully obvious green screen, goofy looking Red Skull, wooden lead actor (and a protagonist who makes Clark Kent look like an interesting bad boy) ... it even features a horrendous 80's montage used to display the entire WWII combat in less than a few minutes.

How do you have CA fighting in WWII and not address Nazi's thoroughly? Hell, the comics even had the balls to do that when the character was created.

That ridiculous cheap video game level inspired train sequence. Losing his best friend, and forgotten about in less than a scene.

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Superhero movies can still be good if they're not all dark and serious like the Batman movies.
I didn't say they had to be dark, mysterious, and bleak like noir inspired Batman movies.

They can be interesting, thought provoking, and not cookie cutter commercials for some other potential product.

Hell, the CA movie doesn't even have a resolution. It's just a lead in for the next movie. It's pathetic.

Originally Posted by Jackass18
was watching the original Superman the other day and that movie is cheesy
It's cheesy in parts because film makers had yet to truly take these characters seriously as real drama pieces, where statements could be made.

The thrill of the first Superman, the first Batman, and the first Spider-Man was purely the fun of seeing these characters on screen. They were tongue in cheek, but didn't tap the true potential of the characters.

But S:TM delivered the epic, grand, formulaic origin for a superhero film. It had great performances from Reeve, Hackman, Stamp, and Brando. The script on page just didn't treat things seriously enough yet.

But it kick started the entire genre on screen. Show some respect. We will get the serious, modern, contemporary Superman movie we deserve next summer.

Originally Posted by Jackass18
How can you praise that but then shit on well done movies that are nowhere near as cheesy as that movie? You must be a DC fanboy or something.
Nope, did you miss the parts where I praise Iron Man and Blade?

This is the point. Marvel Studios plays it safe. They give mass marketed, cookie cutter product that look to deliver on average to the average movie goer a good time. And for the most part, they do.

Like I said, average movies. They bat for average (even though technically they have more abominations than DC movies) ... DC swings for the fences with their artistic integrity.

That's why I respect their films, more. No lead ins for the next film that has already been planned on a planogram in a marketing studio's office. They put everything they have, with unique vision into each film.

And like I said, the greatest Marvel Studio film isn't as good as the worst of the Nolan trilogy. And DC has been more influential. They built the entire genre on screen, allowing for credible competition to even get off the ground. Then through Batman Begins, they laid the foundation for the more serious, in depth, realistic interpretations of these characters on screen.

You never heard of "re-boot" before Batman Begins.
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