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Default Re: The Point Forward - "bonus and bust so far"

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
Tonight Jack and Devlin were going on about how if the NBA got rid of the 3 point line there would be so many players out of work. For the rest of the game, Bargnani sat at the 3 point line waving his hands in the air.
That pissed me off. I'd like to see this team run a consistent high-low game through Val. It doesn't even mean that he has to be our #1 scoring option but he's shown that he's more than adept in the paint so he could take it in the blocks and either do some work down there or kick it out to the perimeter for a shooter. Yeah, it would kind of limit what Bargs does a little bit but he doesn't do much anyways so I see that as a major improvement. Secondly, i'm getting sick and tired of Ed Davis getting spotty minutes when everytime he's in there he's an absolute beast on the glass and defense. The dude is getting FIFTEEN minutes per game and grabbing more boards than Bargs is in THIRTY FOUR!!! Like, am I going crazy or something? Does management and coaching staff live in an alternate reality?
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