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Default Re: Everything that is Overrated (Breaking Bad and Marvel Studios)

he's not calling breaking bad fans morons, he's just saying it doesn't stand up to the more groundbreaking tv dramas of our era; the wire, sopranos, mad men definitely qualifies, game of thrones as well i'd say, maybe a couple others

the genius of breaking bad, the reason i keep tuning in anyway, is twofold; a) its fantastic take on the classic case of midlife crisis (insecure hs chemistry teacher --> hypermacho murderous druglord) and b) the realism of the problem solving in every other episode. you can really buy every idea that pops into walt's head as coming from an overqualified hs chemistry teacher, even shit like the train robbery seemed sorta kinda feasible

that along with the fact that its a super fast paced drama about two inexperienced partners completely in over their heads facing mortal danger every other episode keeps me on the edge of my seat

compared to those other shows though, it just doesn't have the same vision. it doesn't depict a universal human condition across a wide array of characters the way the wire or sopranos does, nor does it capture in vivid detail an epoch in time like mad men or got. boardwalk empire probably belongs in that category as well.

those shows excel because like breaking bad they offer the sort of personal journey breaking bad excels at with walt and jesse, allowing the audience to really root for or against characters in a relatable way... but at the same time they're constantly zooming out, broadening the scope to portray more complex human ecosystems and symbiotic relationships, human motives and values and culture. breaking bad has tidbits of that but its generally shallow, with fewer layers; institutional structures of hank's dea world, competition between meth traffickers, even the business of money laundering, distribution through that crazy brunette with the kid.... not very much meat on those bones by comparison. imo anyway

and all of that is more likely a product of a conceptual difference in what each drama is trying to achieve. bb is more akin to dexter than the wire in spite of the fact that they share a drug-centric theme. that's because it's telling a story about an individual rather than a more substantial commentary on some community, whether contemporary like the wire, historical like mad men, fantastical like got, etc

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