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Default Re: Who is "YOUR" Joker?

Originally Posted by Dragonyeuw
Interesting that you mentioned the original Ninja Turtles 89 film. I watched that a few months ago just for $hits and giggles, and was surprised at how watchable it was, for me anyway. Has a good deal of charm if you can overlook how funny and 'obviously' rubber the costumes are.
You had issues with the costume? Man, that's the best they ever looked. Jim Henson at his finest and in his prime.

Yea, the OG Ninja Turtle movie still holds up well. It was the perfect blend of the classic elements of the cartoon that gave it popularity, combined with character and story elements of the gritty Mirage comics. It has charm, and it has darkness.

In fact, it too like the Nolan Batman movies takes a fantastical idea and characters and puts them in a functioning, contemporary, believable setting. Making it all sort of plausible.
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